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Arthur Douglas & Associates, Inc. is a strategic public relations and investor relations firm based in Orlando, Florida.


Since 2002 our exclusive focus has been to assist emerging growth, micro-cap to small-cap public companies trading on North American exchanges by strengthening their shareholder base.


Our objective is to develop a sound, comprehensive public and investor relations program for each of our clients - one that has a positive effect on the perceptions, attitudes and actions of the brokerage community, while achieving the business objectives of each of our clients.


By educating and informing the brokerage community in a clear, concise and timely manner we can help our clients in developing an excellent reputation to investors, brokers, portfolio managers and analysts.


Arthur Douglas & Associates strives to meet the distinctive needs of all its clients.

Arthur R. Batson | BIO


Arthur Batson is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Arthur Douglas and Associates, Inc. based in Orlando, Florida.  His experience includes being an industry expert for over two decades administering investor relations and financial services globally.  Batson and his team embrace core values of integrity, innovation, and growth cultivating an extensive database that forged a long-established broker network.


His focus is offering full client attention as more of a "boutique" firm in order to cultivate positive relationships that are collaborative and create a mutually beneficial business partnership.  Batson has facilitated companies going through reverse mergers and spin-offs on existing public companies.  He successfully fostered client companies up-list their shares from OTCBB to national exchanges and been an active role in securing over hundreds of millions of dollars in capital.


At various stages of Batson’s career, he worked over fifteen years in upper management with Fortune 500 companies including Hertz Corporation and Caterpillar Inc.


Arthur Batson is self-made encompassing corporate and entrepreneurial endeavors for decades.  He successfully built at core level all aspects of corporate structuring, financial development, and growth of companies at many phases of public and private offerings. Arthur Batson is a professional business owner reaching milestones with long-term projects.


Arthur has done various volunteer work for organizations like Coalition for the Homeless, Hope and Help and spends his free time visiting people living in Assisted Living Facilities. His hobbies are his love for cars and boats.


Arthur Batson can be reached at or or visit his website at

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